Naked Truth

Author: Tyese Ashanti Love


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I wondered if I missed the red flags. How did I? I thought maybe writing everything

down that happened would help me point it out. Maybe telling the story in full will lead me

to who’s at fault for the pain in my life.

Sometimes we wish we could go back and do it all over again, or maybe if only we

had someone to share what we know now, it would all be different.

Unwrapping the truth about your life can be so revealing. It feels good to tell your

story, but at some point, you recognize who you were, who you are, and who you start to

become. I share my heartbreak, my pain, and my revival to understand who I am today. Marriage

showed me who I was, divorce brought me to who I am, and being single shows me who

I want to be.

I lived life a little backward, but then I moved a little too far forward, and now

somehow, I feel right on track. Every trauma comes to the surface if we don’t face them, and

sometimes if we don’t take them head-on, those same behaviors learn to affect our future

selves. So I share it all.

Here is my Naked Truth.

Tyese Ashanti Love was born in Brooklyn, New York,

but raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and Miami, Florida. Tyese is

well-rounded through many experiences as she worked her

way up to her current position as an assistant property manager

in New York. Tyese graduated from one of the most prestigious

historically black universities, Tuskegee University, in

2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences.

Tyese shares such a relatable story for women and

singles who have experienced heartbreak and what one may

call a dysfunctional family. It’s almost as if you’re reading her

diary! During Tyese’s spare time, she enjoys time with her family,

friends, and her right hand, Tohgo.

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