Trust No One

Author: Patrice Roberson


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Trust No One is a novel based on three young beautiful intelligent ladies who

all grew up together and who is trying to succeed in life Kelly Monica and

Crystal. Kelly falls in love with this guy and his past is catching up with him his

ex-lover would do anything in her power to have him back which meaning to

kill. Each of the girls have their own life to live in are juggling and struggling to

keep their faith. You have to be careful of who you let in your life In Your Inner

Circle never let your guard down for anybody because you never know things

could turn and things could take a twist.

Coming up in this world today you have to be careful of the people that you

let in your circle some people can be jealous of you and be you happy for you

but they are fake about it you have to be careful of your surroundings you have

to keep your eyes and your ears open at all the time because you never know

who or what could be after you some people don't want to see you happy

whether is in a relationship or friendship or they're just not happy at the way

that you are living life to the fullest so they would do everything in their power

to try to jeopardize Who You Are.

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Black & White

Pages: 114 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Fiction

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