Enter the Manifeco: Symphony of the Swordsmen Act 1

Author: J.W. Plunkett


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Step into the Beastly Kingdom to join Saria Manifeco a renowned thief. Proficient yet highly unorthodox, this non-traditional heroine is following in her ancestor's footsteps of high-scale adventuring (a.k.a. high-scale thievery). Saria, along with the equally infamous Guild of Thieves embarks upon one harrowing escapade after another. Amid one momentous heist, she discovers a mysterious swordsman known just simply by Johnathan. The Manifeco offers the swordsman membership into the thieving guild after executing a hair-raising endeavor together. Accepting Saria's offer the rousing perils begin... however, an alliance such as this starts a chain of events that shake this beastly world to its very core.

Well, hey there! I'm J.W. Plunkett author of this literary venture you've embarked upon. Now, for the inquisitive minded I am also an artist, animation enthusiast, storyteller, and a genteel adventurist. My aspiration is to create engrossing narratives that will fascinate, capture imaginations, and inspire.

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Black & White

Pages: 264 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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