Someplace Else

Author: S. Patrick Mooney


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Someplace Else is a reflective work on 23 days spent in a coma after an unknown brain aneurysm rupture in the winter of 2019. The book chronicles the physical trials of recovery with the often deepening questions of existence. The author went through what is best known as an "out of body experience." The book is informative and catching while raising important questions for the reader like: Do we have a soul? Are there other dimensions that soul can exist in while our bodies remain in this plane of existence? It is a gripping tale which serves readers by confronting their own mortality.

S. Patrick Mooney is a native Mississippian. Patrick is an Army veteran who holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology. Patrick has led quite an interesting life between Army services, an extended stay in multiple universities as an undergraduate, and signed to a record label as a touring musician with the band, Rosco Bandana. Patrick enjoys spending time with family, mostly on the water. He is an avid sailor and solo musician. Someplace Else is his first book. Be on the lookout for more from him in the category of historical fiction/action.

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Pages: 80 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Biography

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