Diary Of A No Name Girl - Survive Thrive Live Repeat

Author: Laura Stegall


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This book chronicles many cases of adversity that I have been faced with over the course of my life, with a primary focus on my struggles and triumphs through a difficult late stage ovarian cancer diagnosis at age 39. I lost my sister when I was 22 years old and my father unexpectedly when I was 30. Through all of this I continue to “survive and advance” and seek to provide a positive outlook despite a diagnosis that promotes a grim 20%, 10 year survival rate. Ultimately, through my journey as a long-time athlete I have learned relentless grit and determination combined with discipline and a warrior’s mindset that has helped me persevere the last 3.5 years since diagnosis.

At the end of the day, I am not a celebrity or any different than anyone else, but I am here to share my story of overcoming devastating odds with the hopes of seeing my children grow up.

Laura Stegall has committed her life to competition, training, and all things athletics. Her career today as an athletic director was set in motion nearly 30 years ago as a small child shooting hoops in her backyard. This small town girl from Indiana grew up a competitor.

From the time she could walk she was bouncing a ball. Her infinity for sports followed her all the way through college as a student-athlete and now into her career as both a coach and athletic director. She has dedicated her life to leading and coaching. Laura’s life unfortunately has been plagued with untimely losses and challenges, but remarkably her relentless mindset has allowed her to persevere. At just 39 years old, Laura was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer, the most lethal form of gynecological cancer.

Despite the dismal statistics surrounding the cancer, Laura has three years of survivorship under her belt. This diary of sorts gives you a glimpse into the challenges of cancer and the bittersweet victory of one more day.

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