Melody Loves the Moon

Author: Holly Good


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The book "Melody loves the Moon" is about a girl named Melody and her friend the Moon. Melody loves talking to her friend the Moon every night. One night after Melody's parents tell her "it is time for bed", Melody did not want to stop talking to her friend the moon. Melody then says to the Moon "I Wish you would never leave my side, I wish my hands were big enough to take you out the sky". The Moon then goes on to explain to Melody why staying in the sky is so important and how taking the Moon out the sky would be selfish of her.

My name is Christopher Kenneth White Jr aka Holly Good. I am just a man from New York who loves to write and loves his family. What inspired me to write this book is love. My daughter Melody is very inspiring for me. When I look at her I sit or I stand and I think. I wonder what's going on in that little head of hers. The more she learns to speak the more stories I have to write. What inspired "Melody loves the Moon" is this light in my daughters' eyes when she realizes she loved the moon. One night I was walking to the house holding Mel, when Melody looked up and seen a big full moon. She said "daddy look" pointed at the moon then asked "What's that." I said "It's the moon, pretty huh" and then she said "pretty, I love the Moon." She stared at the moon with such amazement. I thought that was the cutest thing. I see her truly notice the moon for the first time. I went in the house, I looked at Melody and that moment came to mind. Then boom It was like I caught the holy spirit and I started writing. Words flowed, other moments of amazement that I've seen in Melody's eyes came to mind, and I continued to write. Before I knew it I had 3 kids' books written and it all started with Melody Loving the Moon.

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Genre: Juvenile

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