Make Trauma Your B*TCH - A Memoir

Author: Kate Smith


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Hurdle after hurdle, everyone’s experiences are their own. This memoir’s filled with some of mine. Mixed with a bit of poetry and some spicy language, this was written to help you divide and conquer your trauma. This memoir may get a little too descriptive, but this is a complex topic that needs to be addressed, and societal changes need to be made. Trauma affects people to their core; no matter what has hurt you, we have all had to endure something that has negatively affected us. This book won’t be the magical fix for everyone, but if it helps at least one person, I’ve done my job. Yes, there will be some triggers in this story, so read with caution. Please enjoy as I open up about some of the lowest and highest points in my life; this wasn’t easy, but it’s a topic that needs to be discussed. It’s time to make people uncomfortable until changes are made.

No one should feel like they can’t walk the streets, grab a drink, travel alone, or do everyday life basics because others can’t control their “urges.” We’ve addressed it enough that people should finally feel safe by now, but they don’t. Society needs to do better.

I’m a small-town girl who always had big aspirations. I was a keynote speaker at the age of 15 and a part of the Miss America Organization, spreading awareness about sexual assault. When I got to college, I realized that my writing impacted almost everyone who read it. I was selected to be featured in the Upper Mississippi Harvest, a collection of literature the students wrote and then published by the school. I fell in love with nonfiction and poetry right off the bat. The ability to transport someone into your state of mind and have them experience something from a completely different view is fascinating to me. Once I got out of college, I realized it was time to take my next steps in becoming worldly published and continue helping others through the art of writing.

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Pages: 98 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Memoir

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