Dear Dream Maker

Author: Dr. Leggie L. Boone


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When I rest my eyes and fall into that place of disconnection from my surroundings, I slide over into a land of creative, colorful narrations. My dreams are often so eventful that I wake up exhausted. The events in this book are real in my dreaming mind. This volume includes dreams and notes from 1997 through 2006. I have been journaling my dreams for decades and decided there must be a reason, therefore I am sharing. These episodes of varying lengths are neither fiction nor nonfiction, fantasy nor reality, just dreams. Sometimes they are funny and at times, they reflect the job I am working or events that have actually happened in my real life. I have also included some diary notes that fit between some of the dreams that may offer context. I have rarely tried to interpret my dreams, mainly because I am hesitant to connect with the power or prophecy or clairvoyance. There is space for interpretation and space for response to prompts about different dream scenarios and triggers. I encourage everyone to read, imagine, and travel to familiar or strange places in my mind and your own.

Dr. Leggie [Leh ‘jee] Boone is a Forensic Analyst, Author, and Educator. Leggie primarily works as an analyst, examining evidence for fingerprints, shoe prints, and tire tracks for comparison and identification. She has spent over 30 years in the forensic science field as a Crime Scene Investigator, Volunteer Autopsy Technician, Educator, and Analyst. Dr. Boone’s main fields of interest are vicarious traumatization, organizational support and civilian relations, implicit bias in crime scene attendance, personal impact of law enforcement suicide, and active dreaming. Having an array of tragedies in her mental slide show of crime scenes, Leggie adopted her methods of decompression to include writing songs and crime scene poetry, singing, and journaling graphically detailed dreams.

Dr. Boone has collaborated on the publishing of the forensic textbook and virtual component, So You Want to Be a CSI, with two other former CSIs, Kendall Hunt Publishing, and Victory XR. She has also coauthored and published Fox Tails: Short, Short Stories Written While Puppysitting, she has multiple poems and song lyrics published in books and magazines. Someday, My Prints Will Come is the most recent publication she has produced, functioning as a learning tool and activity book focused on the study of fingerprints.

Dr. Boone has taught as an adjunct professor with Keiser University in Florida, in the Crime Scene Technology program and as contributing faculty with Walden University, in the Forensic Psychology programs. She has also been an invited speaker in many international conferences, including the Global Science Guild, Worldwide Association of Women Forensic Experts, and the Caribbean Association of Forensic Sciences, and she is a Senior Adjunct Faculty member for the Sherlock Institute of Forensic Sciences, India.

Through it all, she still dreams vividly, in the midst of producing volumes for interpretation, enlightenment or entertainment. Dr. Boone is inspired by the constant support of her mother and daughter, both named Leggie, and she is driven by her faith to be an author, a leader, and an agent of social change.

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Pages: 170 | Trim Size: 8.5x8.5

Genre: Body Mind and Spirit

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