A Breeze of Inspiration: Collection of Various Poems

Author: Viktoriia Peterson


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These poems were written by Viktoriia Peterson over a period of more than 15 years. The author writes in Russian and Ukrainian, then translates her work into English.

This book, A Breeze of Inspiration, is divided into five sections. The first consists of poems written on the subject of love. Many of these are dedicated to Viktoriia's husband, Austin Peterson, and reflect upon their courtship.

The second section is about Viktoriia's father, Anatoly, who died in 2016. The poems reflect Viktoriia's memories of time with her father as well as nature and the love of fishing they shared. The work expresses deep emotion. For Viktoriia, the loss of her father was devastating, and it remains so to this day. Sometimes, suffering and longing for relatives who have departed for another world causes an emotional eruption that is hard to stop. Viktoriia expresses this on paper in the form of poetry. Anatoly will always live in Viktoriia's memory. Of the vast body of work she has produced on the subject of her father, 11 poems are published here.

The third section is about the weather, the seasons of the year, and Wyoming and nature. These are perhaps Viktoriia's favorite topics to write about. She has written more poems in this genre than any other.

The poems in the fourth section address the concept of God. Viktoriia believes deeply in God, and sometimes has prophetic dreams that later come true. One of these miraculous dreams, about God and the Archangel Michael, has been crafted into a poem.

The fifth section involves a variety of topics: animals, Viktoriia's grandmother, her mother, and her friends

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Genre: Poetry

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