Badge or Beast

Author: Bennie Watson


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I decided to write this book because there are people with loved ones, relatives, friends, significant others.

Husbands and wives, who work in Law-enforcement and they don’t realize the stress of the job can be overwhelming. Even to the point of a change in one’s personality. We as Law-enforcement Officers (male and female), deal with our own problems and everyone else’s. We sometimes don’t notice the change and effects this has on our minds and bodies. We deal with everything from domestic abuse problems to homicide investigations, to SIDS. One of the worst parts of the job for me was seeing the abuse and death of children/kids. It’s also just as bad as working inside of a jail or prison. You see things the average person never see. Sometimes it’s gross to talk about it with your love ones. I hope that by sharing some of my experiences and personal changes in my personality. Will help others to realize that it’s okay to get counseling if you need it. I also hope that my story help love ones to understand the changes that Law- enforcement go through. When I speak of Law-enforcement, I’m not just talking about police and corrections officer. I’m talking about all aspects of Law-enforcement. Deputies, Border patrol, FBI, Secret Service, Marshalls, etc. Oh yeah! And please take that much needed vacation. It does the mind and body good. With love, straight from the heart!


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Black & White

Pages: 46 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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