Ron's Book Of Jokes II : More Laughs

Author: Chihileron Frierson Junior


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Humor is something that has always been. If you love life you love to laugh. Ron’s book of jokes 2 is your ultimate weapon when facing dull moments no video games or just plain boredom. This ultimate joke book while have you cracking up continuously. Its metaphorical jokes will impress your mind and tickle your funny bone at the same time like a smart parent. If you can hold a straight face while reading this book than you can probably hold the hammer of Thor while he nearly dies from laughter while reading it. Please by the book before it falls of the shelf with laughter.

Chihileron Frierson Junior is an exceptionally talented writer who enjoys writing and telling jokes. He has a great mind and an extremely sharp sense of humor. If laughter is the best medicine than Chihileron should be a joke doctor giving out prescriptions and getting paid. With your help he can. This book of jokes is the perfect gift to give to anyone. The humor he puts into his jokes will leave a permanent smile on your face. This book should go down in history as the funniest collection of jokes.

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Pages: 60 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Humorous

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