Author: James G. K. Lee


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The theme and purpose of writing this book are to present the three important essential facts in our lives; when we live and maintain our lives without faith, hope, and love, our lives could manifest into an empty void of existence. These three facts will help us to navigate our path of lives to avoid the lack of order, predictability and gradual decline into disorder.

Faith is determination. Hope is strength and Love is giving, sacrifice and sharing care and compassion. The writer has applied these three general themes throughout the content of the book. The epilogue of this book has brought these three factors of life into a very focus conclusion.

Lee is working as a consultant to improve the environment. He involves in the use of solar and geothermal energy as alternative energy for household and business applications. He is also working in a project “PATORS” to reduce CO2 emission by operating private automobiles during long-distance travel on rail system. Lee also acts as a marketing consultant for ECO Probiotics Corp, an Ontario corporation producing climatic enhanced Probiotics agriculture enhancement products for increase growth rate of all vegetation.

Recently, Lee was asked to write and submitted a project–“TALL Agriculture Auctions with TOUCH and LEARN LESSONS” for TaraX Foundation to improve the incomes of farmers.

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