7 New Year’s Resolutions For Writers in 2022

The New Year is coming in fast, and if you are a writer, you should really make it a habit to make resolutions every year. While you consider yourself a skilled writer, you will always have space to improve. 

If you are going to make resolutions, they should aim to help you improve as a writer. However, if you are going to make resolutions as a writer, you should make ones that are actually realistic, and achievable. 

Here are 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers:

  • Read more books

While a majority of writers are bibliophiles by nature, there is still a chance that you may have fallen out of reading new books. This is a common thing amongst professional writers because they feel that they are too busy to devote time to reading a new book. 

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However, if you don’t read new books and other content on a regular basis, there is a chance that you won’t have any new concepts to write about. By the start of next year, you should make it a habit to read new content on a daily basis. 

While you should try to finish one book at least once a week, you should also try to read other content such as periodicals, short novels, articles, comic books, manga, and any piece of literature that you could find. The more you read, the more versatile you will be.

  • Increase your word count for every writing session

If you want to increase the amount of work that you accomplish during every writing session, it is a good idea to increase your word count for every one of your writing sessions. By doing so, you will be able to increase the amount of work you do in a day. 

How much you increase your word count depends on you. For example, your usual word count is around 500 a day. This is a respectable number, however, you could write more if you push yourself. 

You could add an extra thousand there or even more. As a whole, your word count depends on you. What’s important is that you start on this word count next year and that you stay consistent with it as much as possible.

  • Improve your writing space

While this may seem like a trivial matter, it is very important that you improve your writing space. Remember that you will be spending the majority of your time in your writing space. 

If your writing space is uncomfortable or dark, then you won’t really look forward to writing. By improving your writing space this year, you will be able to write for longer periods of time. 

If you want to improve your writing space, it is important that you take the furniture, lighting, and amount of noise into consideration. The furniture in your writing space must be comfortable and offer good back support. 

You should also invest in the best lighting options possible. Take the time to check the best type of lighting that you want to use. The more well-lit your writing space, the better.

  • Write a book this year
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If you have yet to write a book, you should make it a priority to write a book this year. Remember that every author has at least one great book in him or her. 

Writing a book may seem like a difficult prospect, however, you should still persevere with it. Remember that writing a book is like a rite of passage for many writers. 

It does not matter if your first book is a success or not. What matters is that you manage to write a book, and do it well. This is a hurdle for many writers, and they tend to procrastinate on this project. If you want to publish a book, you should not waste time, and get started on it this year.

  • Write in a new genre

While you should focus on a specific genre to write professionally, this does not mean that you should write in only this specific genre. If you want to be as effective a writer as possible, take the time to write in other genres. 

You don’t need to write a book in a new genre. What’s important is that you are as adventurous as possible when it comes to writing in a new genre. This will not only enhance your writing range but help you come up with new writing concepts as well.

  • Mentor other writers

If you have been writing for a good number of years, you should really try to mentor other writers. You will be surprised at how refreshing and satisfying being a mentor could be. 

If you are going to mentor other writers, you should know what you are teaching them. Draw upon your own experiences as a writer, and be open to giving advice to your mentees. 

This is especially true if you have worked as a professional writer for a good number of years. You will have a lot of knowledge to offer younger writers.

  • Join writing challenges

When it comes to improving as a writer, it is important that you take up new challenges on a daily basis. By doing so, you will be able to improve your writing skills. Why not join writing challenges? 

There is a myriad of writing challenges that you could take up. By joining writing challenges, you will be able to hone your writing skills. If you are going to join writing challenges, don’t expect to win the challenges. What’s important is that you are taking part in these challenges and that you get to compete with other skilled writers.


If you are a writer, and you want to improve your writing skills, it is important that you make some resolutions for this New Year. By doing so, you will have set goals that will help you improve further as a writer.

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