10 Original Story Prompts for the Halloween Season

With Hollow’s eve around the corner, it is the perfect time to write a Halloween-themed story of your very own. The creepy and spine-tingling atmosphere of Halloween is a perfect source of inspiration, and there is no better time to write a horror story of your very own. 

However, before you write your Halloween-themed story, you should know where to begin. 

Here are 10 highly Original story prompts for the Halloween season.

  • You go to Ireland for a Halloween-themed vacation with your friends. The trip seems fun at first, however, while visiting an ancient Irish barrow, your group stumbles upon a midnight Gaelic blood ritual that only happens every seven years. Now you and your friends must survive the long trek home while being hunted down by a gang of cultists.

  • You are partying in the ’70s themed nightclub. The people seem friendly enough, and you are having a lot of fun. However, the bathroom won’t work so you go to the nearest convenience store. While chatting with the cashier, you mention the nightclub you just went to. The cashier is confused and says that the nightclub burned down decades ago, and today is the anniversary of the fire.

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  • You drive to a secluded mountain cabin to enjoy the great outdoors. The trip starts well enough, and you go fishing and hunting. However, on the second day, a large group of teenagers arrives in the woods. You observe them in secret, and they are being rowdy and intoxicated. Seems like a normal group of teenagers. That is until they bring out a separate group of people that are chained together. They then release them into the woods and start butchering them like cattle. You immediately know that you are in danger, and run to your car to escape. However, you forget that your car engine is very loud, and the murderous teens hear it.

  • You are working part-time as a butcher and are assigned to the night shift. You are expected to process the meat by-products into ground meat. While grinding the meat, the grinder gets jammed. You open it up to unclog it, and you find a finger with a ring on it. You recognize it as belonging to one of your fellow workers assigned to the night shift a few weeks ago.

  • You go to a ruined abbey that is said to be haunted. There was supposed to be a Halloween-themed party there. When you get there though, the building seems empty and devoid of life. You decide to leave, but weird sounds start coming from the abbey cellars. The sound of chanting is evident, and it is coming closer and closer.

  • You decide to have a quiet Friday evening to yourself. You want to spend a few hours just relaxing at your modern state-of-the-art home. Late in the evening, there are sounds coming from different parts of your house. Disturbed, you check the security camera and you see that there are shadowy figures moving about the house. They have no distinct features. Just shadowy figures looking straight at the camera with white, unblinking eyes.

  • You are driving home from a long night’s work. It is around three in the morning, and you just want to get home as soon as possible. As you are driving, you see the outline of a woman on the side of the road. She is gaunt and has bright manic eyes. She creeps you out, and you try to speed away from the area as fast as possible. However, her eyes draw you in, and with each blink of your eyes, she draws closer and closer to you. You feel a sense of dread, and you want to tear yourself away from her evil gaze.

  • You just moved away from home to start your first year of college. The rent in the local dormitory is very expensive though, so you move into a dilapidated Victorian-style house instead. It is a big house, and although old and dilapidated, it is still a grand-looking house. You wonder why the rent is so cheap, but you need a place to live and you’re not going to complain about low rent. On your first night there, you start having nightmares. Of screaming children, and bloodstained walls. The dream disturbs you, and you start suspecting that the house has dark and haunting secrets.

  • You are tasked with helping out with an impoverished orphanage that houses 20 kids. The old caretaker left the orphanage months ago. The children are despondent and cannot stand direct sunlight because of skin disease. They are forced to stay indoors, and can only come out at night to play. As the days go by, the children change from despondent to dangerously aggressive. They bicker and are always hungry no matter how much you feed them. They soon start getting overly pale and go out into the woods at night to butcher and eat small animals. This makes you wonder, did the old caretaker really leave? Or did something horrible happen to him?

  • While looking through abandoned storage units, you find a beautiful Victorian Doll. It is in perfect condition and you wonder why the owners left it to languish in a storage unit. You do your research on the doll, and it is very valuable and has had a long list of owners. However, it seems that whoever owned the doll always came to a bad end. You soon decide to get rid of the doll, however every time you try, the doll inexplicably reappears. As the days go by, you feel a dark presence follow you wherever you go and an impending feeling of doom falls upon you.

Writing a story on even a novel on Hollow’s eve is a fun and enriching experience. However, before you write your Halloween-themed novel, you should first know where to start. Luckily, with these 10 Halloween-themed writing prompts, you can start the right way.

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