5 Tips on How to Write Your Life Story

People write down their autobiographies for a myriad of reasons. Some people write them because they wish their perceptions on life and other things to be known, while come wish to inspire others by writing about the many obstacles they have overcome. But in the end there is one thing they all have in common. They all wish to be remembered.  Don’t we all wish to be remembered? To be remembered despite the merciless passage of time. This article was predominantly written to help you write your life story as effectively and efficiently as possible.

1. Write for yourself

The main reason why you wish to write an autobiography is to let the world know about you, your life and the many experiences that you have. Thus the main reason why you write is for yourself. You write because it is the ultimate way for you to express yourself, it is the best way for you to share your thoughts on a myriad of subjects and to show others how you live your life. Don’t worry about making a profit. This project was never meant to be a profitable one, but it is meant as a way for you to make your life story known.

2. Be honest with yourself

People hate being lied to, and this also includes your readers. Be honest in who you truly are and why you wrote your life story. Be authentic in your writing and the facts of your life. Do not embellish your work and stay true to every event in your life. That way everyone will know how unique you are as a person.

3. Be strong and face reality

It is a fact that life is never easy, and everyone has their own challenges in life. Overall life is hard, which goes to show why it is also difficult to write about it. You should always be prepared to relive harsh memories and accept them as a part of your life. This acceptance adds authenticity to your work and shows readers that you are sincere in your wish to make your life story known.

4. Write about a life changing event

Write about an event that changed your life. It can be anything from moving to a new neighborhood to losing a loved one. This way you can show your readers that you have grown as a person and have survived these trials. It is very necessary that you write how it affected you emotionally and how it has led you to write about your life story.

5. Be consistent in writing your life story

Writing your life story should be prioritized, because any lapse in writing may lead to you losing interest in the project. Making an autobiography requires a great amount of conviction because it difficult to do it day in and day out. Thus it is imperative that you stay the course and be disciplined in writing down your life story. Having a life story can help you motivate yourself. This may come in the shape of a reward like a nap, a chocolate bar or a movie at the end of the day. Just do anything you can to keep you motivated. You should also stave off doubt and insecurity by saying to yourself that the best person who can write your life story is yourself.

Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps

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Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps
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