When the Fog Clears and the Sky Opens

Author: Sherina Joseph


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Sherina Joseph was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts and grew up as a nomad.

She has lived in four different states, Harlem, New York, Sunshine state of

Florida and the Brotherly love of Pennsylvania. Raised by a single mother of

three, Sherina was the middle child and the only girl. Rapidly learning the

ropes of life, she was self-adequate, and knew far more than most for her

age. Impacted by broken homes, short-term homes, and displacements,

adjustments were brutal and incomprehensible for Sherina. Bone chilling and

disturbing, this book is coming-of-age story about domestic violence, alcohol

abuse and vivid real-life nightmares.

Sherina Joseph resides in Pennsylvania with her son.

Her grandmother has always been her idol, and her joyous

spirits continually protects and guides her. During her career

with NCB, in the Credit and Financial field, she found herself

incredibly intrigued with the stories behind each profile.

Nominated by her employer for a WOW award, Sherina has

been recognized numerous times by carrying out a positive

attitude and always being a team player. In addition, Sherina

has vigourly maintained her commitment to meeting team

goals and exceeding objectives while executing her responsibilities with

accuracy and professionalism. She looks for and finds ways to step up and

take on additional duties. Her unselfish actions have continued to help drive

her and her peers’ success.

“Everything happens for a reason”

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Pages: 52 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Biography

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