An eye for an eye the truth is a lie

Author: Deztinee Harris


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In the streets there are only 3 things you need to succeed. Money,

Power, and Respect. Jaron had it all until he was murdered by a rival

gang. Or was he?

When all the evidence disappears and not even a body is left at the

crime scene, Jaron’s wife Monique seeks out for answers and revenge,

but will she succeed before it’s too late? The police won’t help, the news

channel won’t pick up the story and no one seems to know anything

about it. Something isn’t right. There’s no where to run and nowhere

to hide. No one can be trusted so who do you turn to for help? Your

loyalist friend can be your biggest enemy and you never know who’s

playing both sides. Someone’s hiding something and their watching

Monique’s every move. Will the killer strike once again?

Jaron’s son, Jason, is hanging on by a thread. He’s sinking slowly and

falling down the wrong path. Like father like son. Can Monique save

her son before he loses himself or will the mission fail? Can Monique

even save herself after dealing with such a loss? Time’s ticking and

soon there may be no more left.

Four days closer to the truth. Revenge, Betrayal, Two Truths, One lie.

A life for a life, a bullet for a bullet and an eye for an eye. Who knew a

date night turned bloody would change everything? Better watch your

back if you want to survive.

There’s two sides to every story and the truth isn’t what it seems. The

question everyone wants to know is... what happened to Jaron?

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Black & White

Pages: 492 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Fiction

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