The Road Home to Me

Author: Elizabeth Simonsen


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Healing is a journey. From the darkest of nights to the brightest of days, the struggles to the successes, and the pain to the pure bliss. These poems tell the stories of heartbreak and love, abuse and addiction, parenthood, self-worth, and finally, the process of healing. The journey of healing, including the setbacks and relapses, is written in the form of poems.

As a survivor of domestic violence herself, the author uses her personal experiences to share her story of loss, hurt, resilience, rebuilding, and success. The poems in The Road Home to Me illustrate a map to healing, showing that no matter how hard things get, someday you will heal. "Life didn't just get better, I chose to heal and make it better"

An advocate. A mother. A fighter. A survivor. The words Elizabeth would use to describe herself. From a young age, Elizabeth found her passions, writing being one and sexual and domestic violence being another. She had huge dreams for a young child, and in the midst of them coming true, her world shifted. With a teen pregnancy, unhealthy relationships, and unfortunate circumstances at home, life dramatically changed. By nineteen she was a single mother fighting to survive the hardest days of her life while still holding on to her dreams. However, through it, she found strength, resilience, and love she did not know she possessed. Today, Elizabeth manages an advocacy program for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, while finishing her Bachelor's degree, raising her daughter, and writing on the side.

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A Beautiful Interpretation

This book is going to help so many people heal. It explains the tragedies that many people may face throughout life but gives guidance on how to persevere and get better. Whether it be for yourself, your child or someone else. Elizabeth did a beautiful job putting all of her feelings into words to help others. I highly recommend giving it a read.

by Katy

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Genre: Fiction

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