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The Esseri are descendent from the old ones, a mythical race that existed long before the first settlements on The Continent. However, as tribes and settlements grew into great nations and concrete steam powered cities, so too did strife and political instability linger. From the great autocratic-capitalist jewel of the North to the breathtakingly wild, untethered lands of the south where the gifted Esseri reside. These conflicting cultures continue to grasp at the veil of calamity, forever surrounded by forces of good and evil, within and without. Inspired by elements of West-African Mythology, this saga follows the struggle of a new generation of Esseri in their fight for expression and cultural equality; whilst opposed by a rigid power structure dictating such an expression, to be a danger to a new world order.

S. S. Shenubi is the author of Psychedelic Stories, a Canadian "indie-book of the Fall season" published in 2019 and was also presented an "Author of the Month" accolade by The Writers Workshop (CA). Born in Lagos, Sam lived most of his development years in Winnipeg, Canada before publishing his first fictional book. The novel went on to tell five distinct stories, revolving around themes of fantasy, thriller, crime, surrealism and artistic expression. S. S. Shenubi is also a upcoming screenwriter; Co-founder of Cursive Entertainment Studios and The Northern Critic Film Review Podcast. When not enthralled by his love of books and media, he works as a Banker, carefully analyzing the world of financial drama which contains its own brand of creativity and societal character.

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Pages: 258 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Fiction

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