Painful to Painless

Author: Janetta Walker


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This book is about a young lady who is facing a deep depression because her biological father is not there for her. He runs the streets, goes back and forth in and out of jail, and does not put much effort in being a father like he should! She craves to have a relationship with him so bad she can barely function during the day. She can't get over the fact he keeps choosing his street lifestyle over her. Find out how she goes through this frustrating time of her life.

Janetta Walker was born in Omaha, Nebraska. She is married to the love of her life and they have three beautiful children. She loves to read, listen to music, and uplift others daily. She is a positive person that spreads so much love, positive energy, and kind words daily! A few people call her sunshine because her presence and personality light up a room!

She loves God, her family, and to see others working in their full potential and purpose! She hopes to inspire many people across the world to never give up on life no matter how hard it may get. She has pushed through many struggles of her own and so much emotional pain that she wanted to share a piece of it through this book!

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Pages: 56 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Biography

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