My Notorious Life

Author: Keith Mabery


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This piece of art is about my life my struggles and the way i grew up. It also talks about my mental illness schizophrenia which most people are ashamed of talking about. It also talks about my crushes in school and my involvement in the music industry. It talks about the poverty i also had to go through as a child and the troubles with the law. Of course it talks about the famous people ive met in the music industry. It talks about the pain ive suffered loosing alot of friends and family over the years. It also talks about how i was intelligent and very wise when it came to school work. Alot of people prayed for my downfall but im still here after 43 years of misery. This book also talks about domestic violence in my family and on how we grew as a unit. People judge me and call me crazy but i ignore them. I know im not crazy at all. Im human just like any other human being. This book also talks about the mental institutions i was incarcerated in over the past 20 years. This book should be an inspiration for people with mental illness and not cover it up but treat it. This book also talks about the drugs i used to use and abuse in the past. That was the cause of the schitzofrantia. This book should give people lessons to stay away from drugs alcohol and watch who you put in your circle as your friends. It dosent matter how poor or how rich you are schizophrenia could be a deadly disease. If you have signs of it go get help immediately and dont hurt yourself or people around you. All the love that ive had from my family was unconditional and i still couldn't understand. Be yourself and trust nobody but yourself.

I was born in Manhattan November 29 1977 and 7 years raised in queensbridge. I had a best friend that passed away over a drug overdose. I came from poverty and i still live in poverty. I write movie scripts music poetry autobiographical writing childrens books and plays.i like to read books and write. I graduated validation in my high school class and 10 years later went to college. I suffer from a mental illness called schitzofrantia. I hate violence. All i want is peace. I wish cops wouldn't kill us people of color and get away with it. Its unfair. If it was a brother killing a cop he would be getting the death penalty. I like to feed the homeless. I have a high belief in God. I lost my mother due to hypertension November 14 2010 4 days after her birthday. I am very popular in the south due to rap music. I have been rapping for 27 years. Most of my peers are dead due to drug overdoses or bullets. I never had peace in my life. I had many brushes of death but the good Lord kept me here. I like to have a good time eat have long walks on the beach with my girlfriend watch comedies and love all people. I was born to love not to hate. My lifestyle got tangled up when i start using drugs. That was my downfall. I have a daughter named alayay Mabery and she is 22 years old. She is my heart. I will never abandon her. I hope she carries my grandchildren in the future. Some days i feel depressed about my mom. She was my best friend. I love her so much. Mommy this book is for you.

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Genre: Biography

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