Maxi Travels Again

Author: Mary Smith


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Maxi faces more than a few challenges in this book. After he just gets comfortable living in the kingdom with his wife, Goldie, Maxi was visited by the wolf during his and Goldie’s outing regarding the Ventura village being in trouble with its king. He also found out earlier that within his kingdom of residence, people are disappearing—to another dragon, he believed. He must fight two battles this time. Maxi decided that the most urgent was the dragon, so he uses White Knight and his sword again and travels many different dangerous and challenging paths on the way to find the new dragon’s cave. He fought the dragon, which was vicious, and won the fight, dropping the human the dragon had brought in and freeing the person. After returning to his kingdom, Maxi asked the king for warriors to help fight the Ventura king; he was given a big army of men. Maxi also went to the giant’s queen and she of course gave him warriors to help him. He then saw the wolf who advised him they were ready to go fight the ruthless king of Ventura. Maxi, King John, the giants’ queen, and the wolf collaborated about the upcoming war. Maxi had his army meet him at the edge of the forest, by the Ventura village. They attacked in the morning. Battle was easy with the giant soldiers and animals being there first surrounding the soldier prisoners. Later, Maxi’s soldiers went through the towns and villages collecting the ex-king’s army until there were none left. They brought them to the yard. After clearing the castle of soldiers, they arranged for their own servers and maidens in the castle from amongst their own people. Goldie was expecting the baby very soon; she wanted her father, King John, and the giant’s queen present for the birth of the baby. After the birth of the child, they were visited by all of the neighboring kings and queens. The way Maxi ran the kingdom, the castle was operating very well, and the people were extremely happy with their new king and queen, but especially the new prince.

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Pages: 48 | Trim Size: 8.5x11

Genre: Juvenile

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