Maggie the Monkey Photographer

Author: Shauna Usher


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Maggie is a young photographer, who becomes discouraged by the lack of confidence her family has in her. Her best friend, Tiny, helps her see that it doesn't matter what others say or think, everyone is unique in their own way. Tiny encourages Maggie to live out her dream as a photographer. As Maggie takes a stroll, she looks for the perfect picture and runs into several of her friends who help bring her confidence back. Once Maggie's journey ends, she runs along home to share her pictures with her family.

Shauna Usher grew up in a small town in Missouri. During her high school career, she developed a passion for writing, she wrote her first (unpublished) novel at the age 14. Throughout her schooling her skills evolved into what they are today. She was raised around horses her entire life, and her love for horses lead her to work at a Girl Scout ranch, at the age of 16, where she taught young girls (ages 5-15) how to ride, take care, and be safe around horses. She also taught the older girls (ages 14-15) rodeo events such as: barrel racing and pole bending. If you ask her today, she will say working at the ranch was the best job she had ever had. She has also been a Christian her entire life and has attended church for the majority of it. She currently resides in her hometown and hosts a bible study at her childhood home on Wednesday evenings. She works with the organization A New Direction and her goal in life is to help people and share the word of God, which is what A New Direction is all about. Her hope is that through her writing and fellowship she can encourage young children to overcome their fears and pursue their dreams.

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Genre: Children

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