Log and Stick

Author: Ritvik Gautam


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This story is about Log and Stick. They’re two characters, called Log and Stick, and they live in San Jose, CA. Log is a wood log and Stick is a wood stick. They have been together since their childhood, with an enemy called Evil Leaf. Leaf’s name was originally “Good Leaf”, but people around him called him “Evil Leaf” because of the acts he would do. Then, years later, all three of them had graduated from college. Then Evil Leaf started to cook up a plan… to steal Dubai’s Ruby! Not so soon later, Log and Stick found out about this, and started to go after him. First in San Jose, then in Dubai. Due to the author, Ritvik Gautam, not having time to finish the actual first story in one book, he made two books for the actual story. Read the first part and the second part (coming soon) to find out if Evil Leaf succeeds in stealing the Ruby or not!

Ritvik Gautam was born on May 13, 2012 in New Delhi, India. When Ritvik was 7 in California, he was surrounded by technology. He used to draw lots of stuff, like cars, etc. Then one day he was drawing and then he said to himself, “Why don’t I make a book with my drawings?” Then he was researching which types of books contained ONLY drawings. That’s when he came across comics. He fell in love with them immediately. Then he made a small book “Cat Man 2”, but it wasn’t successful. He didn’t cry over spilled milk though, he wrote and published another book called “Log and Stick” when he was 8 years old, inspired by the comic book franchise “Dog Man”. Then he made a small book called “The Missing Key”. Since Log and Stick was only half of the actual first story, he’s making the second half right now called “Log and Stick: Part 2”.

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Pages: 96 | Trim Size: 8.5x11

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novel

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