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Author: Lynne Frederick


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What is more painful: life or death? For Mason Cornell, that choice is one he’d rather not make at six years of age. His priorities lie more with playing with his imaginary friends: a talking flower with razor sharp teeth, a tree filled with fire, and a glob of acidic magma. They know secrets that Mason can’t even begin to understand, including the truth behind his and his sister’s parents’ tragic death.

Artemis Cornell, Mason and Beth’s uncle and guardian, is a man of reality and facts. He is thrown into raising these two unique children, while struggling with his own guilt and past. As well as trying to wrap his head around his nephew’s imaginary world. He finds that he can travel to this world, at the expense of his physical and mental health.

When Mason’s mind takes a turn for the worse, the lives of the Cornell household hit a rocky road.. a road that leads them to an asylum?

I have been building characters and the worlds around them ever since I was a young, anxiety-riddled child. As a highly sensitive human, my experience on earth has been hard and filled with many adversaries, including myself. I perceive the world around me, and I love being able to translate what I see into my writing.

It’s an act of catharsis to me. I began writing this book in eighth grade, just before the death of my uncle. This book has been there for me throughout the most trying times in my life, and to bring it to fruition is hard to believe. I want this book to illustrate how different people deal with grief. And, selfishly, to celebrate the resilience of children who have the veil of childhood wonder ripped from them.

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Black & White

Pages: 208 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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