The Idle Brain: A Theological Odyssey

Author: Terrence Bertin


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Faithless clergyman Simeon Cole is spirited into the psyche of a comatose, dying criminal. His task is to awaken the criminal and combat the legions of demonic forces holding sway in the Inner World.

Simeon must pass through many challenges and tribulations with all the Powers of the Inner World bent on his destruction. Accompanied by several companions -- fragments of the criminal’s own mind, Simeon journeys through the bizarre science-fiction and fantasy world made and controlled by the demonic Powers. If he succeeds, he can escape the Inner World; failure means his own life. But success also means losing the only real and meaningful friendships he has ever known. It is a fearsome task for a clergyman with no faith and no stomach for adventures. In any case, Simeon must conquer his own flaws and come to terms with his God to emerge as something more.

Terence Bertin, 51, lives in Salida, Colorado with his wife and their two daughters. In 2004, he moved from Salida, where he worked as a server in a restaurant, to Roswell, NM to work with his eldest brother instructing martial arts. There he also found a love for working with at-risk young adults at the Roswell Job Corps Center. In 2018, he moved back to Salida to open Kinetic Rhythms and pursue a new career as a massage therapist and operate a martial arts school with his nephew. There he met his new wife, Kristie, and her daughters and, for the sake of family, ultimately closed the business. Since then, he has taken up bee-keeping, enjoys taking care of the home and children, gardening, and creates unique, hand-crafted wood items.

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Black & White

Pages: 674 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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