Author: Thomas Bailey


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RIGHTEOUS BUT CONFLICTED is a book series of characters of who are going through the same life but seeing it in a different way. Some know what’s right but are conflicted because of the situations they are dealt. This book explains how different characters see the spiritual, physical and mental. It starts off with star basketball player Zadok who loses his mother and the mother of his child dying in a car wreck. From there Zadok and other characters go through with dealing with situations they never thought they will be in.

Thomas Bailey grew up in the heart of Memphis where he grew and saw a lot. Mostly known for his basketball skills Mr. Bailey made it to the college level but was dismissed by the school after an injury and off the court issues. Thomas found a way to express himself outside of basketball through writing and poetry. He loved to write and had a big imagination at a young age. As he always loved a good John Singleton movie, or loved reading material by Alex Haley. Now, he is trying to become the next big writer as such as the names above.

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Pages: 78 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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