The Adventures of Wabi and Friends : We are Wabi Bot Episode One

Author: Barry M. Horn


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It was a cold winters night when magically a little woodbot formed out of a pile of sawdust and wood scraps. He was alone and longed for a family, so he somehow created two little friends out of the pile of dust and wood scraps—Sweet & Sour and Sunny, but Sunny can also be very cloudy. In the morning, three little children came across these three little bots and instantly became family. Follow the adventure of Wabi and friends. Where the kids go, the WabiBots go also.

I was born in the United Kingdom, immigrated to Canada when I was 3. Growing up my parents took us on many adventures, whether it was spending a summer with my father in the oil fields in Scotland or as simple as walking down the road to the local ice cream shop looking for treasures in the grass. Others were a little more trying, like our yearly camping trip to Killarney, where my dad would put us on an island for 2 weeks, we would eat nothing but canned foods and whatever fish we would catch. Or the time my parents decided to sell everything we owned and move us across the globe to open a bar in Portugal, that was a fun one. Don‛t even get me started on the time I spent in South Africa. I do have to say that those adventures of my youth fully carved the way for the adventure of my present. The greatest adventure to date is the trip my wife and I are having raising our 3 spirited little kids. Keizo, Shiro and Kayko. Watching them be part of nature coupled with the memories of my youth have been the greatest inspiration for this book. We currently live in the middle of a forest surrounded by nature just north of Toronto.

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Pages: 34 | Trim Size: 8.5x8.5

Genre: Children

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