Finding the Light

Author: Jordan Johnson


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Jocelyn is a 24 year old girl, who lives in a small city with her friends Kathryn and Cayla. She lives a pretty normal life, she has a job, goes to parties on the weekends, and even has a goldfish named Albert. However she hides a dark past, and an even darker present from her friends. Chuck terrorized Jocelyn for 5 long years, and when she finally got out, she had changed. She had learned from Chuck that sex is a weapon, and it is the most powerful form of control in any relationship. So she takes control, and she stays that way until one day she bumps into Charlie. Charlie is a mysterious handsome man, and Jocelyn is immediately on guard with him. But she soon finds out that she may have met her match, and her whole world starts to change. The question is; will she let it?

My name is Jordan. This book started as a passion project to help me let out a part of myself that had been buried deep inside for many years. Now that it's out I feel as though I can breathe again. This book was a year long project that I hope brings all who read it as much joy as it brought me to write it. Jocelyn is a very special character to me and I pray everyone who reads her story can connect to her just as deeply as I did. She is all of us, just trying to navigate through life and make as many good decisions as she can. I put a lot of myself into her and I can only hope you see a lot of yourself in her as well

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Black & White

Pages: 438 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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