The Clever Bunny : A Esperteza Do Coelho

Author: Esmeraldo Silva


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The Clever Bunny was written for two main reasons: first, to share with my community here in Portland a bit of what it means to be a kid in Guinea-Bissau and how, at a young age, we should teach kids to accept and respect each other regardless of their differences. The bunny represents all the positive aspects one wants to see in a human being; it is for this reason that in most children’s stories or books the bunny is a principal character.

The second is to use the profits from this book to create a small microcredit program for startup farm/women business activities in my hometown of Mansoa,

Guinea-Bissau. I ask, therefore, that you help spread the word so that more people will buy the book.

As the founder/president of the Joaquim Silva Foundation, I am looking for resources to bridge the two communities: the one that was born and raised in the city of Mansoa and the one here in the Portland area. I am hoping to share good values that we have back home that may be useful here and vice-versa, instead of just always asking for help from one side or another. To my way of thinking, The Clever Bunny is a good way to start.

Esmeraldo Gracioso Silva was born and raised in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, a former Portuguese colony located on the west coast of Africa. He is the father of four and an Optical Technician at FLIR Systems since

January 2012. He is the founder and president of the nonprofit, Professor Joaquim Silva Foundation.

Esmeraldo left his hometown of Mansoa in the middle of civil war, fleeing on a bicycle to the border with neighboring Senegal. There he sold the bicycle to buy a plane ticket to neighboring Cape Verde, another former Portuguese colony. While in Cape Verde, he befriended an American woman working in the Peace Corps who was involved in children’s education. After working together for a year, she and her husband decided and supported Esmeraldo to come to Florida for medical attention at the Center for Sight in Sarasota, Florida, where he lived for several years. In 2009, he moved to Portland, Oregon, where he currently resides with his four children.

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