CHRIST'S Second Coming: A Message for the Church, Revelations of the Mysteries of Spirits and Their Roles in the Fulfillment of Prophecy

Author: Austin Phillips


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Spiritual enlightenment awaits readers as the author shares in his second edition of “CHRIST’S Second Coming, A Message For the Church,” humbling visions, revelations, dreams, and personal visitations that he has received from God. During these accounts, God has instructed him to enlighten the church and all others who are willing to receive this message on spirits and their role in prophecy. In this divine book, the author uses prophetic language from the Holy Scriptures, and bring to light the invisible power of spirits. He educates the readers about the spiritual roots of man and ways his life is impacted daily both positively and negatively by various angels and negatively by various angels and spirits as well as demons and devils. As the author continues in this amazing book, he compares and contrasts the roles that these spiritual entities have in the fulfillment of prophecy. The author goes on and reveals God’s divine plan for the nations, especially America. Finally, the book is a call to repentance, and it is also a message of hope and instructions to the born again believers.

Austin is called of God to be a prophet with a message to the Church, and to the nations. His first book was published in 1995 during the height of the HIVAIDS crisis. Return to Spiritual Eden A Cure For AIDS addresses spiritual approaches to treating AIDS and other diseases. CHRIST'S Second Coming, A Message For the Church, was first published in 2010, and is the first, in a series of books on prophecy concerning the end times. It contains the original letters sent out to the churches; as well as ministers all cross the country. These are letters that God commissioned Austin to write. He has written subsequent letters to the Church, all of which can also be found in the updated and revised, Message For the Church. Finally, the author continues to fulfill his spiritual commission through this book and other prophetic writings that are a part of this series, as it has been revealed to him by the Most High God. Through every dream, vision, revelation, as well as through every word that is shared, "To God Be the Glory and May He only Be Glorified."

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Genre: Religion

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