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Chasm follows a seventeen-year-old man named Seth as he journeys, both

physically and psychologically, up Mt. Aculeotis. He battles through his version

of dissociative identity disorder and fights to keep control as his body does

things that he doesn’t agree with, ultimately making him lose the one person

who showed him a semblance of compassion. All the while he is dealing with

a demonic possession plot that ends up plunging him into a whirlpool of vivid

emotions and dastardly persons, some of whom are bent on killing him, or

worse. Now he has to decide how to handle an involvement with the devil,

how to save the one he loves, and how to save the one he doesn’t- or die trying.

Jesse Kunsman was born in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania, and is a sophomore in

high school with a passion for writing. Ever since a young age, the aspiration to

become an author was always in mind, and the constant development of this

ability leads to a riveting story of psychological dispute and romantic troubles.

Jesse enjoys writing satirical and allegorical stories that show deep meaning

when looked at under a lens, and present a big moral dilemma that he has

faced as a child, and he hopes many others who have as well will learn how to

cope with this novel, Chasm.

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"British monkey sex"

“Oh no, don't touch me, British Monkey Sex Man.” It was a really strange choice to have the plot of the book just stop halfway through and follow the story of a town in Michigan get ravaged by a horny monkey-human hybrid, but it wound up being my favorite part of the whole book. I really hope we get a sequel following this monkey in the future, possibly he could even get a name? Winston, maybe?

by Not Larry, not age 45

This book is still causing my divorce!

Hello, author, Unfortunately, this book is still causing my divorce, and you haven't reached out to my lawyer! Probably a good thing since he decided to change his email due to harassment by my EX-husband. His new email is Please contact him ASAP! I'm leaving a 4-star review in an attempt to not harm your average much more than I already have. I would also like to apologize for any typos in my last review. Regrettably, Lacy Schumacher (formerly Lacy Vogel)

by Lacy, age 47

This book caused my divorce.

I borrowed this book from my husband (who has left a review on this page already). It was amazing! Until I got to the end and saw a note from his “friend” (who has also left a review on this page). I have been married to this man for almost 20 years, and he is going behind my back and sharing books with other women??? What else is he doing? Our children will be beyond disappointed to learn of this and I hope they never have to experience this in their future. Will the author please email my lawyer, so I can receive some emotional compensation and a witness during the divorce proceedings? He can be reached at: Regrettably, Lacy Schumacher (formally Lacy Vogel)

by Lacy, age 47


This book is very very nice.

by Matthew


Dear Writers' Republic viewers, My friend Larry (age 45) suggested this book to me a few months ago. I finally finished it and my G*d! This book was great for someone his age, but it just isn't up to my intellectual taste. I would try to get a refund, but I borrowed it from Larry. Please do better next time. Best of luck, Macy Greenwald

by Macy, age 57

Great book!!!

A little slow in places, but the story is a great study of the mental health of teenagers. I would like to know how to pronounce the mountain's name though, please email me at

by Larry, age 45

Best book I’ve ever read

I thought this story was very good. Tons of plot twists and unexpected things happen. I would recommend this to everyone. Also I’m sad Tyrone died :(

by Aiden

Very good book

This was a very interesting story with Seth and I hope you make a sequel and some NSFW soon

by Shaun B

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Genre: Fiction

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