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Author: David G. Swanson


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Who doesn’t like vacations with ultimate relaxation preferences? The type of vacation a person takes depends upon individual desires. Most folks like to be wined-n-dined and pampered as if they’ve snuck into the 1/10 of 1% demographic.

A few eccentrics prefer different vacations. Developing the ability to ignore inconveniences that’s like a gym rat who refuses to believe their feet smell. DARREN, prefers these vacations. Being a backpack traveler, he’s just returned from his latest adventure and receives a call from his cousin informing him that their uncle, JORGE DaSILVA, would like to take a niece/nephew cruise. Jorge has lots of money. Darren becomes skeptical concerning the trip since this isn’t his idea of interesting adventure. RYAN mentions that Darren prefers adventures where the excitement comes from doing things off-thecuff. Street stall cuisine, park-bench accommodations, and having an AR-15 pointed at your skull.

Initially, Darren refuses to participate and various individuals including sister, GRETCHEN, try to change his mind. Manipulations eventually has him participating. Then, a monkey wrench gets thrown in when Jorge suffers a mild heart attack. He recovers, and the rivercruise vacation occurs. Things get stranger (if that’s possible…) Jorge tells Darren that he wishes he could’ve done these rough-n-tumble vacations when he was younger. Having just participated in a cruise, Darren wants to continue his backpack vacations right up until the day he’s forced to do the Barca-lounger thing. Eating pre-chewed meals through a straw.

This is not your conventional, sleep-inducing, writer’s biography. Individuals may experience chuckles. David Swanson is a writer/novelist who lives in Southwest Colorado. He writes non-fiction and fiction with a humorous/satirical bent. He’s just that passionate about writing in this style.

He did not obtain his Bachelor’s in creative writing from the University of Colorado, instead earning a B.A. in Biology. This degree opened up many doors in the area of outdoor, blue-collar-type jobs. The B.A. also dispelled the assertion that you can’t find a job with only a biology-B.A. It got him a U.S. Peace Corps forestry position. Mr. Swanson has won numerous regional awards for his writing. He’s been published. Name recognition is nice, but he’s confronted with the fact that literary entities pay him the money equivalent to that of the Bhutanese naval budget. A life-long obsession with comic book collecting has influenced the writing. Obviously, proving this isn’t possible.

He established a writing website ( where he posts short stories and essays. This posting of material to the site avoids lawsuits being filed against him. Mr. Swanson attended cartooning school from 1986-89. His time training and work as a cartoonist/illustrator has subconsciously influenced his writing (yeah right?)

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