5 Quick and Easy Tips for Writing a Suspense Novel!

The suspense genre is one of the most popular genre forms nowadays. But it makes sense because suspense novels are very exciting to read and a joy to write. So it makes sense that you want to write a suspense novel of your own. 

But seeing as there is a myriad of great suspense novels out there, you will need to write one that really stands out. So before you get started on the book writing process, you will need a plan. 

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Here are 5 quick and easy tips for writing your own suspense novel:

  • Stay away from clichés and overused tropes

Make an impact on your potential readers stay away from clichés and overused tropes. The use of tropes and clichés is usually looked down upon by most readers.

And using them can only damage your reputation as a writer. It would be better if you just take your time and come up with a truly unique concept.

  • Make your protagonist likable and relatable

Get your readers engrossed in your story, make your protagonist as likable and relatable as possible. Most readers tend to see themselves in the main characters of the stories they read. They also tend to develop a form of affection for the characters that they like.

So if that character is in a state of mortal danger or emotional distress, the readers will also feel a sense of trepidation and dread for the character. And this attachment to the character will ultimately make the entire experience feel more real and suspenseful. So make your protagonist into someone that your readers will empathize with and care for.

  • Raise the stakes

By raising the stakes you will add a sense of trepidation and dread. You will also make each of the protagonist’s actions crucial because a lot hangs in the balance. 

The stakes could be a lot of things. It could be the protagonist’s job, reputation, or even the life of the victim. You can even raise the stakes some more by making the victim the protagonist's loved one. The higher the stakes the more engrossing and suspenseful the story will be.

  • Create nigh insurmountable odds

It would be boring for the story of the challenges the hero had to face are easy to overcome. It would not be much of an adventure nor would the build-up to the conclusion feel justified. 

So if you want the climax to be truly noteworthy, you should really give the protagonists challenges that will not only test him physically, but mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Challenges that not only prove he’s a hero but also worthy of the reader’s admiration.

  • Give your villain believable motives

Aside from the protagonist, the most important character in your suspense novel is the antagonist. This is because the antagonist is the polar opposite of the protagonists. The two are completely at odds with one another in ideals and motivations. 

So it is important that your villain is not only unique, but his or her motives are believable as well. This will add a sense of realism to the villain and make his or her actions weightier and closer to home. The motives for the crime could be for money, pleasure, anger, or just the effect of a traumatized childhood. 

Overall, the more believable your villain, the more menacing he or she will be. 

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