4 Easy to Follow Tips for Writing a Children’s Book

Writing a children’s book is a great and fulfilling endeavor for any writer. This is because writing a children’s book is not like writing any other type of book. You are writing for kids, so you will have to cater your writing according to their taste. 

You should also be aware that you will have to stay away from violent or disturbing topics. This is because kids can be very impressionable and it can affect them negatively in the long run. So if you are going to write a children’s book, it is important that you know what to do and not to do. 

Overall, you will need a set strategy. 

Here are 4 easy to follow tips for writing a children’s book of your very own:

  • Take age into consideration
age consideration writing childrens book

As it was stated earlier, you are writing for kids. But the children’s book genre stretches to various age groups. So before you start writing your children’s book, you should make sure that you know your target market. 

So you should decide. Are you going to write for toddlers? Preschoolers? Preteens? By stating your target market, you will be able to pattern your writing and book marketing strategy according to their needs and preferences.

  • Illustrations are key

Aside from knowing your target market, it is also important that your illustrations are of the highest quality possible. This is because your illustrations are a means to capture your potential reader’s attentions. So make an effort to use good quality illustrations in your book. 

If you have the artistic ability you can always try making your own illustrations. This can be advantageous because it can add a handmade quality to your work. But it is even more advisable to hire a professional illustrator, because they do this for a living and their skills are usually good. 

Just make sure that you do a thorough background check on your perspective illustrators. Remember that you are going to spend money on these illustrators, so you should choose the best one possible.

  • Remember you are writing for children

writing for children

As it was stated earlier, you are writing for children. So you should be very careful that your writing is free from violence, profanity or any mature themes. This is because kids are very impressionable. 

And they usually emulate what they see or learn from books. So it would really be damaging for the children who read your books, if it is full of profanity or disturbing themes. And seeing as it is usually the parents who chooses what books their kids read, it can also prove damaging to your reputation as a writer. 

So when you write your children’s book, you should make sure that the themes you are writing about are appropriate for children.

  • Write for the parents as well

It was stated earlier that the parents are usually the ones who decide what books their kids read. So if you want your book to sell well, it is important that you write for the parents as well. Try to incorporate educational concepts and life lessons into your children’s book. 

By doing so, you will show the parents that your children’s book is a good influence and should be a worthy read for their kids.

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