5 Great Ways to Write a Memorable Ending for Your Book!

If you want to be a truly complete writer, you will need to brush up on every aspect of the writing process. One such aspect that you should really take seriously is creating a memorable ending.

This is because the ending serves as the climax of the entire story. It is where all the events in your story are leading to. And if you mess it up, then your overall story will be tainted as well. So you will need a set plan. 

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Here are 5 great ways to write a memorable ending for your stories:

  • Create anticipation

If you want your readers to really get excited about your ending, it is important that you create anticipation for it. Don’t just spring up the ending on your readers. This will surely annoy them and give them a bad impression of your overall work.

Instead, it is better that you slowly build to your story’s conclusion. Write the events in a way, that your readers will be excited to know the ending. Make them guess the outcome. Arrange the events in a way that your readers will be compelled to finish the book, just to know the ending.

  • Plot twists are quite handy
plot twists

When it comes to making a great ending, plot twists always come in handy. This is because plot twists prevent the story from becoming too predictable.

 Just make sure that your plot twists come out realistically and not forced. Because if you force plot twists, the ending may come out looking cheap or too contrived.

  • Tie up loose ends

Nothing annoys readers more than loose ends. This is because loose ends are very frustrating and take away the story’s sense of completion.

It makes the reader think that there is still unfinished business within the story. It also makes your work look sloppy, and makes you look lazy. So if you want to give your endings a sense of fulfillment, you should really tie up any loose ends in your story.

  • Make your reader care about the outcome

If you want your story’s ending to have any emotional weight with your readers, it is imperative that you make your readers care about the outcome. You can do this by making your readers truly care for your characters. Write your story in a way, that your readers can relate to the challenges that your cast of characters face. 

You can also raise the stakes and make the challenges near insurmountable. That way, once your characters do overcome the challenges, your readers will also feel a sense of victory.

  • The end should affect your characters

Remember that your characters are the main focal point of your story. So the events of the story should affect them. It really can get annoying for readers, if the characters of a story they are reading do not seem to evolve throughout the course of the book. 

For example, your main character went through a traumatic experience during the 2nd World War. So it would be expected that he has been changed by these experiences. By showing how his ordeals have changed him, you will make the ending more realistic and meaningful.

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