5 Tips for Writing Engaging and Entertaining Dialogue!

Becoming a professional writer takes a great deal of time and effort. This is because you are expected to master the basics before you start your writing career.

One such aspect of the writing process that you will have to pay extra attention to is the dialogue writing process.

It is important because dialogue writing is an integral part of the writing process, and if you know how to write great dialogue, you could really make your writing so much more colorful and immersive.

Here are 5 dialogue writing tips to get you started:

Make it sound real

If you want your dialogue to be taken seriously, you should make it sound as realistic as possible. Don’t just write dialogue for dialogue’s sake.

Make it sound real. Write it in a way that the readers will truly believe the character said it. Make your dialogue sound like a real conversation.

So don’t use a formula for your dialogues. Use slang and other more hip terminologies.

Overall, the more realistic your dialogue the more effective it will be.

Don’t dump too much info on your readers

Aside from making your dialogue sound real, you should refrain from dumping too much information on your reader. This is because dialogue is not a narrative.

You are not telling a story in one go. In fact you are using the dialogue to gradually tell a story.  So when you write your dialogue, you should really take your time.

Take the time to make it sound both believable and immersive. Take the time to introduce your characters through your dialogue. 

By doing so, you will be able to tell your readers your story in a more subtle and gradual manner.

Give your characters differing speech patterns

If you want your dialogue to be as multifaceted as possible, it is important that you give your characters differing speech patterns. By doing so, you will be able to give your character’s a sense of individuality and your dialogue a sense of dynamism.

You can do so by giving your characters’ different accents, specific words, mannerisms to name just a few.

Lay off overly long monologues

When you write your dialogue, it is important that you lay off writing overly long monologues. This is because real people don’t spout off five minute long monologues.

It not only comes off as unrealistic, but corny as well. It could also be quite annoying for readers to read a clunky and overly long monologue.

So when you’re writing your monologue, do yourself a favor and make it short and sweet.

Stay away from unnecessary jargon

Aside from laying off overly long monologues, it is also important that you stay away from unnecessary jargon. What is jargon? They are highly specific words that are used for very particular occasions.

They could be necessary if you are writing about a very specific subject, such as medicine or engineering. But if you use jargon in your dialogue, just because you want your work to sound suave, technical or sophisticated then you are just making it harder for you and your readers.

Your writing might even sound pretentious in the long run. Overall it is best to just stay away from jargon.

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