M.G. King Gives Interview on His New Book Heirs of the Champion: The Well of Magic, Book 1

Come and listen to Author M.G. King’s interview on his new book The Heirs of The Champion: The Well of Magic, Book 1. In this thrilling interview, the author gives interesting facts on his new book and talks a little bit about himself, and his writing process.

The Heirs of The Champion: The Well of Magic, Book 1 is an immersive fantasy read that follows the lives of two brothers, Caedus and Cedric. They are the sons of the kingdom’s champion and were meant for great things. 

Sadly, their destinies are changed when their father is slain by the dark lord Mathis, and Cedric is kidnapped, and forced to become a disciple of the dark lord. The brothers are separated and forced to live totally different lives. 

Years later an ancient weapon known as the lightning blade arises, and now both brothers are destined to find it. Will their quest bring them together? Or will they have to battle one another to get this artifact?

Author M.G.King has been a fan of science fiction and high fantasy for many years and uses his love for the genres to create a truly unforgettable story of magic and swashbuckling adventure. Grab a copy now and join the adventure!

Radio Interview Transcript:

Suzanne Lynn: Welcome to the show and let me just tell you if you love star wars, you love sci-fi, you're going to love my next guest author. He's a featured guest author, his name is MG King. I had a chance to talk to him a little bit yesterday and it got me so excited about this interview today. Welcome MG, glad that you're here.

M.G. King: Thanks for having me. 

Suzanne Lynn: MG, you wrote the book Heirs of the Champion: The Well of Magic, Book 1, and there are some big plans for this book. I mean, I can't wait to dive in and talk about possibly big screen stuff that's going to be happening. So MG, let's talk about kind of, what the book is about.

M.G. King: Um it's about, uh, my two main characters are brothers, twin brothers and um their, their father works for the kings called The Champion of the King, that's why it's called Heirs of the Champions. And um, when they're 10 years old their father gets killed by, uh, the self-proclaimed dark lord and one of the brothers gets kidnapped in the process, so the both of the brothers get raised in very different environments. One gets raised to be the follower of the dark lord and one of them gets raised, you know, in the kingdom where they came from so they, they grow up to be very different.

Suzanne Lynn: And, it's interesting because there's such a bigger message to this that they both started with great hearts and they were very close growing up, the environment kind of changed the trajectory of where they went. Right?

M.G. King: Mm-hmm

Suzanne Lynn: What would you say that bigger message is, that you want that you're trying to share with the world?

M.G. King: Uhmm, as people read the book and then, uhmm, as the sequels come out you'll realize that uhmm, no matter what you were taught or uh how you were raised or what your mindset is like there's always room for improvement and change.

Suzanne Lynn: Wow! Your love for sci-fi goes back to when?

M.G. King: Uhm, 1997 when the special editions for Star Wars came out. 

Suzanne Lynn: What happened then? 

M.G. King: Uh, my dad bought the trilogy VHS set and we never knew what it was, me and my brothers ¬¬¬----- and then after we watched the first one with my dad we were just kind of blown away.

Suzanne Lynn: and, I want you to tell me how many times you've seen the movie?

M.G. King: Uhmm, I probably lost count, it's got to be in the thousands by now.

Suzanne Lynn: that's my favorite part of knowing what you're gonna say, that's gonna be, it's gonna be like a part of a Guinness book of world records or something but that a huge, huge influence on you right? I mean you can loosely say that the bad guy in your book is somewhat built around Darth Vader?

M.G. King: to an extent, yeah, Uhmm more so the emperor but you know Vader is one of my favorite villains and I try to take aspects of my favorite villains even beyond star wars to mix into my bad guys.

Suzanne Lynn: the two brothers Cedric and Caedus

M.G. King: yeah 

Suzanne Lynn: talk to me about those, those two brothers 

M.G. King: uhm, I based Caedus off of me in terms of how he looks and uh just the decision making he makes on uhm you know I would, I would choose the same path he would in the same circumstances and uh Cedric, I have three brothers but I didn't really base Cedric off of anybody but in um the sequel that I'm working on, I base him off of my one of my younger brothers a little bit.

Suzanne Lynn: hmm, what would you say your personality is that, that you would base him on the one character, are you hopeful are you a positive guy? I mean you look like a big tough guy, you're tatted up, your jersey guy, you know you look like you could take care of business. You don't have to be a positive guy, you can take care of whatever you want to take care of, you know.

M.G. King: um in in the beginning of the story Caedus is, uh somewhat arrogant because I have been in the past and you have to learn through experience that you're not, you know the best of the greatest or the strongest and you get humbled over time and uh he learns to um tries to learn from his mistakes and become you know wiser over time. 

Suzanne Lynn: wow! It does sound like there's a lot of you in him, that's really interesting. What did you learn about yourself in writing this book? 

M.G. King: uh learn about myself um just I guess, how great my imagination can be. Because, I ,um, I've taken you know bits and pieces and ideas from other mediums but, I've tried my best to make everything my own so everyone can say he didn't copy off anything, this is all original.

Suzanne Lynn: absolutely! So, in addition to Star Wars what were some of your other influences? 

M.G. King: uh, believe it or not a lot of musicians are my influences 

Suzanne Lynn: really? 

M.G. King: um, the guys from Kiss like Kiss is one of my favorite bands and so it was like Ozzy Osbourne, because a lot of those guys, they, were very poor and they came from nothing and they wouldn't stop until they achieved what they have. 

Suzanne Lynn: they knew it was about hard work, right? 

M.G. King: yeah 

Suzanne Lynn: and about entertaining..

M.G. King: mm-hmm

Suzanne Lynn: and it seems like they maximized every bit of talent that God gave them. They didn't waste any of it you know, that's what I've always really admired about them. MG, let's talk about your writing process do you know from beginning to end what's going to happen, are you taking on the journey as you go?

M.G. King: it's a little bit of both especially with the Heirs of the Champion, I knew where I was going to head and so I came up with uh the prologue and I knew where my characters were going to be later on in the series and I just had to figure out how to get them from point a to point b and I actually didn't know how I was going to end the book until the last day I was writing it, because I was making a lot of --- because it went…

Suzanne Lynn: are you kidding me? I mean, if you didn't know how it was going to go there's no way that, that someone who's reading this is going to go, oh well that was predictable! No, that's an impossible scenario then, you know, yeah. 

M.G. King: I try to come about it as um, as a fan first of reading and, and various forms of media where I don't want people to predict where the story's going. So, I mean maybe people can predict some things but how the story is going ahead and how things are going to end. I don't think anyone will see coming 

Suzanne Lynn: MG, this is the story, the characters, the story is so big it feels like it jumps out of the pages and it feels like it belongs not just in a book, not just on television, but on big screen. Can you talk to me about that? 

M.G. King: um that's, that's one of my uh, goals at the moment. I want to get to the point of like writing full-time and not having my day job. So, um I guess when um my publisher told me, when um, when the book, what the book wasn't done yet, I let um, people in the entertainment industry read the first five chapters before it came out and um agents from Hollywood caught wind of it and they really like it. So, I'm working with people to uh get a script off the ground. It's already halfway done and um from what I know Netflix is interested so far but nothing's in stone yet.

Suzanne Lynn: well, we're talking to M.G. King, Heirs of the Champion: The Well of Magic book 1 and, when you say book one that leads me to ask, how many books are there going to be?

M.G. King: uh, it's planned for 12 so far.

Suzanne Lynn: wow! I mean you got to think 12, there's going to be babies born, there's going to be people dying, there’s possibly generations in new worlds happening. Right? 

M.G. King: yeah, the way uh, the way it's going, I'm setting up you know my main characters are going to be the main characters for a long time but as the story goes on they get older and they have kids and the kids grow older and kind of take center stage towards the end.

Suzanne Lynn: MG, this is kind of a sensitive question. Do you, would you write, do you write with all the colors in the crayon box? I mean, you know, do you do you write with the sensitive colors? Do you write with the extreme colors, the angry, the happy, you know, are you kind of more low-key or are you a little bit more paced in a certain, do you keep your emotions in check? What is the style of your writing, I guess I'm asking as far as emotions go. 

M.G. King: um yeah, I get uh quite emotional during some scenes like I know um like if a certain character death comes a certain character's death were to come up or if something major happens that'll impact my characters emotionally I get emotional and sometimes I have to stop myself from writing for maybe like a half an hour before 

Suzanne Lynn: really 

M.G. King: because, I see these characters as like my friends you know, my family people that I personally know 

Suzanne Lynn: they're from you, they're like your children, you’ve birthed them 

M.G. King: that's what it feels like 

Suzanne Lynn: in a way you're their God

M.G. King: yeah, so whenever I feel uh whenever their pain comes across on page is something the pain that I felt from creating that scenario myself 

Suzanne Lynn: MG, this has been so interesting talking to you. I wish we had more time. Thank you so much. Share with us where we can reach out to you, find out more about you and your books.

M.G. King: I have um social media, Facebook and Instagram. It's just uh, MG King Arthur and if you just look it up, uh I, I should be the first one that comes up 

Suzanne Lynn: all right, great. And, we got lots of stuff on the screen so we should be able to find you. MG, have a great one. We're going to be following you and I have a feeling we're going to be uh eating popcorn and buying tickets to see your see your books in the future. 

M.G. King: thanks 

Suzanne Lynn: thanks bud, take care.

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