How to Promote and Market Yourself as an Author

Promoting yourself as an author isn’t just about building up that credibility your readers will look up to. You have to learn that people must recognize you as an author, and not a bookseller.

Understand the difference between the two. Advertising yourself can come up to various creative ways you can imagine. To make sure you won’t be cast aside with the basic fundamentals, there are a few things for you to jot down and keep in mind to boost your reader base.

1. Social media at its best

May it be a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Tumblr, or even Instagram, name it and you’ll be more likely inviting half of the online users. These social media accounts are a must and you shouldn’t be behind the curves at the latest trends and what’s going viral. Go along with your online users’ interest and associate it with your book’s perspective.

2. A great personality makes a great author.

Your remarkable skills in writing don’t guarantee a sure sell if your personality is complete trash. Great behavior is an A+ to your potential readers. Reach out to them online or entertain their questions if they try to establish that intimate connection between the author and the readers. Displaying a great personality towards your audience builds their impression of you.

3. Promote your fellow authors.

Competition doesn’t make an exception from hindering you in helping your fellow writers. We all have to understand that the entire book marketing is a competition, yet it’s also about helping each other make it to the top. Who knows? They’ll be returning the favor one day and your fellow authors will be the ones pulling you up.

4. There’s never too early and never too late in promoting yourself.

So let’s say plan A of your marketing strategy didn’t work out, are you going to give up? Of course not! There’s no giving up in writing, only moving up. Writers of all ages hold every right to market their work even before they finish it, so there’s no reason you can’t. Promote yourself as an author and get recognized

Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps

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Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps
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