5 Essential Tips on How to Enhance Your Story Writing Skills!

tips on how to enhance story writing skills

If you want to be as complete a writer as possible, it is important that you know how to write a good story. This is because story writing is a key element of being a competent writer. And although story writing is a common skill for most writers, it is something that most writers take for granted. 

But if you want to reach your full potential as a writer, you will need to tell a truly great story. 

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Here are 5 Essential tips on how to enhance your story writing skills.

  • Read something new every day

If you want to make your story writing skills as multifaceted and complete as possible, it is always a good idea to read something new on a daily basis. This is because the more you expose yourself to new literature and ideas, the more concepts and topics you will be able to write about. So try to read something new on a daily basis. 

It can be a book, an article, a poem or even just the daily newspaper. What’s important is that you have a fount of knowledge to draw from.

  • Experiment with your characters

Aside from being as widely read as possible, it is also important that you know how to write great characters.  This is because the characters are the main focal point of any story. The reader will see themselves through your characters and they will grow more immersed in your work. 

This is why you should practice your character writing as much as possible. Try to make your characters as multifaceted as possible. Stay away from clichés and used up tropes. 

Try to make a character that is truly unique and unforgettable.

  • Have your work reviewed

If you are a newbie writer, it would be very intimidating to show off your work to people. This is because you would understandably feel self-conscious of your work. But if you really want to improve your story writing skills, it is important that you have your work reviewed

Because how will you know If your work is any good or not, if you don’t have it checked? So take the time to have your work reviewed. And if you get good reviews on your story, then all is well and good. 

But if you get a negative review or get criticized for your writing, don’t take it personally. Instead, you should try to learn from your mistakes and try to grow more as a storyteller.

  • Practice on a daily basis

As the saying goes practice makes perfect. So make it a habit to practice your story writing techniques. Hone your grammar, spelling, and sentence composition and character creation skills. 

You should also try to enhance your vocabulary, because the more words you know, the more multifaceted your writing skills will be.

  • Don’t be afraid to try out new topics and genres

You should really look at the story writing process as an adventure. And that you should never constrain yourself to writing about just one topic or genre. Instead, you should really spread out your interests. 

Try out science fiction, high fantasy, historical fiction, romance. And when you look for topics to write about, don’t look at trending topics just because they are popular. Write about something that you are truly passionate about. 

You should also write about something that you have intimate knowledge of and something that you want to teach readers about. By doing so you will be able to enhance your range as a writer.

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