5 Useful Tips on How to Stay Motivated as a Writer!

Being a writer is a joy because you get to let loose your creative side and stand to earn money from your work at the same time. But as great as being a writer is, it can still be quite a challenge. This is because you are expected to put in hours and hours of your time into the writing process. 

And whether you are writing a book or a short article, it can still get difficult in the long run. And as you put in more hours into the writing process, there is always a chance that you will lose your motivation to write. So it is imperative that you find a way to stay motivated. 

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Here are 5 Useful tips on how to stay motivated as a writer:

1. Read something new every day!

One way to stay motivated as a writer is to read something new every day. This is because the more you read, the more concepts and ideas that you will be exposed to. And because of this exposure, you will be able to use these ideas and concepts in your work. 

There is also the fact that the more you read, the more literary influences you will be exposed to. And by being exposed to these literary influences, you will be able to pattern your writing style and perceptions on the writing process after theirs. So read a new book, an article, or a poem every day. 

It will not only help you grow as a writer, it will also help you stay motivated to write better works. All in all, it always pays to expose yourself to various forms of literature on a daily basis.

2. Do something that inspires you to write

Aside from reading new forms of literature on a daily basis, it always pays to take up other forms of art. This is because doing something artistic, will inspire you to write even more.  It will get the artistic juices flowing and instill in you a more artistic outlook on life. 

So take up painting, pottery classes, etc. Do something that will bring out the artistic spark in you.

3. Take it easy every once in a while

It never pays to overwork yourself during the writing process. This is because the writing process can take weeks or even months at a time. And whether you are writing a book, a short poem, or an article for your author blog, it will still take a long time. 

So if you don’t want to burn yourself out as a writer, you should learn to relax. Don’t overdo it during writing sessions. Give yourself time to relax and don’t set your writing sessions too long, because it can get tiring and you can burn yourself out in the long run.

4. Have a great workspace

If you are serious about being a writer, you should know that your writing space is very important. This is because you will be expected to stay there for long periods of time. You will be expected to write for hours on end, and if the workspace is uncomfortable and stuffy your motivation to write will surely wane. 

So before you start the writing process, you should make sure that your workspace is adequately lit, comfortable and you can see yourself staying there for long periods of time. It can be the library, a café or even your bedroom.           

5. Set a long term goal for yourself

If you want to have a long and fruitful career as a writer, you will need to set long-term goals for yourself. This will give you something to strive for and look forward to. So before you take the first steps on being a writer, you should ask yourself. 

What do I want to achieve as a writer? Is it fame? Fortune? A legacy? How hard am I willing to work? By asking yourself these questions, you are answering important questions and reinforcing your commitment to life as a writer.

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