Wow Your Social Presence to Sell Your Self-Published Book!

Every beginner author might have these things in his or her mind: How do I sell my books? Would my books sell? Would I be earning as much as I spent in the entire publishing process? 

First things first, let’s set proper expectations as to how marketing works on your target readers. Marketing your work is absolutely a whole new process, and it’s certainly going to be more than just a brisk walk, but it will pay off considering the effort you will be exerting. 

To give you a breather from all these, we have compiled some ways on how to wow your social presence.

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How to promote your self-published book?

1. Create a website and blog your story!

Putting up a website would make a firm foundation in building your credibility online. Before we hover through the social media noise, let’s tackle how a website isn’t just your typical website. 

The website serves as a perfect venue to give your audience a glimpse of what your book is all about. The site works in so many ways that you can even post some write-ups or articles and invite your target readers to read your masterpiece. 

This is where the blog comes in. Gain the attention of your audience even before you are finished writing it. For instance, if you’re writing a cookbook, talk about how to be a great cook, or what is the perfect menu for Thanksgiving, then you can introduce your book.

Another way to drive an audience is through online giveaways or contests. Come up with quality content that would draw your potential market to subscribe for book updates.

2. Social media is the thing.

Your marketing doesn’t have a definite strategy until you get involved with social media noise and put up an author page where people can hit the like button on your page. But it doesn’t end there, you have to get their attention to gain that like. 

See what’s on-trend and try to align it with your book. Post anything interesting that relates to your book plot or anything that would get them to purchase your book. Creativity plays a significant role here, so analyze carefully your book and come up with insights that would pique your readers’ interest.

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3. Learn from the best-selling authors.

So what made their book sell? Learn from the best! Observe how they worked with the cover art, titles, and even the formatting styles. It’s not like you have to copy everything from them, but pick out whatever suits your preference and apply it accordingly to your book.

4. Know your goals.

Knowing your goals would mean basing your marketing strategy on your intentions. If your goal is just to have your readers know about your book’s deepest thoughts without considering how far it’s going to reach, then you don’t have to play the tough game in the marketing field. 

If your book is a good one, then your potential readers will do the work for you. One satisfied reader can go up to ten. On another note, if your intention is to meet your readers’ wants, then that would mean setting your wants aside since you have to meet your market’s expectations.

Nonetheless, always remember that marketing strategies work half of the success of your book, and the rest should play their part. Always keep in mind the relevant things you have to remember in self-publishing and in publicizing your book. Write to succeed and promote your self-published book!

Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps

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Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps
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