5 Things Writers Should Ask Themselves before the End of the Year

With year end coming in fast, it is soon time to create New Year’s resolutions. But if you are a writer, you don’t want to enter a new year without looking back on the year, and learn a few lessons. 

By looking back on your year and asking yourself key questions, you will at least know what aspect of your life and writing you can improve on. And by asking yourself certain questions, you will be able to go into the year with a clear and resolute mind. 

Here are 5 things writers should ask themselves before the end of the year:

  • Did I write about something I truly care about?

The first thing you should ask yourself is whether you wrote about things that you cared about, or if you just wrote about topics that are trending. If you wrote about topics that you cared about, then all is well and good. 

But if you wrote about a topic just because it is trending, then you still have a lot to learn about writing. If you want to be a truly great writer one day, you should write about topics that you have a passion for. 

If you write about a topic just because it is trending, then you don’t really have any originality or drive to create truly great work.

  • What was the best book I read this year?
best book

Look back on the year, and remember the books that you have read. Try to remember the number of books you have read. 

Which one was the best you’ve read? Which book influenced your writing style and perceptions on the world the most? 

By looking back and remembering the best books you have read this year, you will know what books you should look out for in the next year.

  • Are there any aspect of my writing that I can improve on?

It always pays to look back on your work and take note of your writing skills. What aspects of your writing could you improve? 

Is it your grammar? Your vocabulary? Your spelling? Your sentence composition? 

By looking back on your work, you will be able to single out all the aspects of writing you could improve on.

  • How much did I spend on my writing career this year?
time spent

When it comes to writing, the amount of time you spend on your writing projects are a big deal. This is because the more time you spend on your writing career, the more chances you have on succeeding in the long run. 

So if you want to achieve greater things in the next year, it always pays to look back on your writing sessions and increase the time you spend on them. This will enhance your chances of success in the future.

  • Have I made key relationships with other writers this year?

Aside from your abilities as a writer, you should also look back on the connections you established this year. If you want to be a successful writer, you should make sure you are as well connected to other writers and publishers as possible. 

If you made a lot of connections throughout the year, then that’s good keep it up. But if your connections are lacking, then you should really strive hard. 

Remember that relationships are key to your success as a writer.

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