5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Author Platform

If you are just starting out as a writer, the task of marketing a book could be quite a tough prospect. This is because you would usually not know where to begin, and you will have to compete against a myriad of other writers. 

So before you start on the book marketing process, you should be as prepared as possible. One way is to create an author platform. 

An author platform is an online site from where you can conduct your book marketing with relative ease and efficiency. But what makes author platforms so effective? 

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Here are 5 Reasons why you should have an author platform:

  • Author platforms make your work easier to discover

One of the best things about author platforms is the fact that they will make your work very easy to discover. Remember that most advertising is done through the internet nowadays. 

And if you don’t have an author platform, you will be behind the competition a great deal. But if you have an author platform, it will enable you to make your work more visible to potential readers. 

You will also be able to create a fan base for yourself.

  • They double as online bookstores

In this day and age, traditional bookstores are slowly losing relevance. Online retailers are slowly becoming more popular with readers. 

This is why having your own author blog is very important. Through it, you can post examples of your book. 

You can post their cover art, the synopsis, and excerpts of your book. You could also post your other works. 

All in all, having an online bookstore will make the book marketing process so much easier.

  • You can create a rapport with fellow writers through author platforms

Yet another reason why you should use author platforms is the opportunity to create a rapport with fellow writers. Remember that being a writer could get lonely in the long run. 

This is why you should reach out to fellow authors. And by having your own author blog, you can reach out to them more efficiently. 

And if your writer friends have author blogs of their own, you can post examples of your work there. You could also post examples of their works through your author blog to return the favor.

  • They are very affordable

One of the best things about author platforms is the fact that they are very affordable. This is because there is a myriad of blog services that you can take advantage of. 

And seeing as most of these services are free, practically anyone can make an author blog. All in all, making an author blog is a very cheap and effective way to market your work.

  • They are very customizable

If you want your author blog to be noticed by potential readers, you will have to make it as attractive as possible. Luckily for you, blogs are highly customizable and they cost practically nothing to make. 

Of course, you can hire a professional web designer to create your author blog, but seeing as most blog services are very user-friendly, you can create your own without any help.

Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps

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Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps
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