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Publishing Service

My overall experience with Writers Republic has been great. I would recommend Writers Republic to other aspiring authors.

- Dana M. Spaulding

Publishing Service

It was a nice experience working with Writers Republic. I would recommend the publishing service to other aspiring authors.

- Guither Noel

Publishing Service

It was a great experience publishing my book through Writers Republic. The outcome of the book is fantastic and appreciable. Writers Republic has highly skilled professionals who designed my book's interior layout and cover design. This book's layout is the best of my six books! I would strongly recommend other authors to publish their book with Writers Republic. You will be definitely happy in choosing the right publication.

- Nabin Bhattarai

Publishing Service

It was an overall pleasant experience. Communication with the account manager and the contact person was swift and informative as well as the never-ending patience to questions and requests asked. The ease of the publishing process was smooth and rapid which was an encouraging thing. Big thanks to Writers Republic's staff.

- John Oreoluwa Obaba

Publishing Service

My experience with Writers Republic was amazing and easy. Writers Republic made the process plain and simple especially for me being a first-time writer. I was educated on how everything would work step by step. I want to thank the wonderful team at Writers Republic. I definitely recommend them to other writers!

- Ronald Saten

Publishing Service

I liked working Writers Republic. The communication, in the beginning, was a little hard but their staff worked great with me in setting up calls anytime I needed clarification.

- Allison Villines

Publishing Service

Writers Republic was amazing. They contacted me fast and replied to my messages fast. They all worked so hard to get my book published and to have it looking its best. I would definitely recommend them to another author.

- Jessica Reid

Publishing Service

Their staff took over and made things happen. The Writers Republic's staff were a pleasure to work with and were very professional!

- Dr. Judy Murray Ed. D

Publishing Service

Writers Republic's services were good. I would definitely recommend them to other aspiring authors.

- Bennie Watson

Marketing Service

I did not expect publishing a book would be such a strain on my financial resources, but since it is my first attempt to have a book published at an international venue, I had to learn the way that there are a lot of unsound operators in this publishing business. However, it seems Writers Republic is a reputable company and so far I am pleased with what they are doing. I don't expect to make money on this book, but it would be nice to be compensated for some of the expenses I had so far. I also would recommend Writers Republic to others who are looking for a publishing company.

- Rowald Holt

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