What Is Meant…Will Be - The Life & Times Of Shawne Thomas Vol. III by Tre Keahey Bookshop

The final installment of the Life and times of Shawne Thomas. Trials and tribulations have occurred as a result of his actions. Has he learned from his wayward actions? Will he grow into the man he had been called to be?

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Was It Meant? - The Life & Times of Shawne Thomas Vol. II by Tre Keahey Bookshop

After reuniting with Jazmin, Shawne is a top college quarterback, on the verge of making all his dreams come true. Top draft pick into the pros. Becoming a father, and marry the woman he loves. But old flames are not easy to extinguish when you’re p...

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If It's Meant To Be - The Life & Times of Shawne Thomas Vol.1 by Tre Keahey Bookshop

Story of a teenage boy and girl meeting and falling in love instantly. But with possible tragedy looming and a definite move across the country, can they stay in love? Or will life’s obstacles steer them in different paths and away from the pact the...

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