GOD That’s F**cked Up – The Story of my Life from a Seated Perspective by Johnnie Williams Bookshop

In life, the choices we make determine our levels of success or regret. Ultra successful people (the superrich) rarely take a look back at the lessons of the past. ­That privilege is often reserved for the regretful, and whether we show it or not, m...

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Broken Wheel – I Am Who I Am by Johnnie Williams Bookshop

These past few years have taught me a lot about me. After finally hitting my stride, my old friend karma kicked me in the ass; hard enough to leave a lasting mark. I don’t know if it’s the poetry or the art of storytelling I love most, but I’m glad...

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Broken Wheel – Beauty in the Madness by Johnnie Williams Bookshop

A collection of poetry I wrote when I was in the midst of a severe depression, all the while continuing to raise my son and deal with various medical conditions. Although the poems are in no specific order, they document my journey from depression t...

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