Enter the Manifeco: Symphony of the Swordsmen, ACT 2 by J.W. Plunkett Bookshop

Jump back into the Beastly Kingdom where the stakes have grown higher and even more dire for our feisty prodigy thief. With the name of their most recent foe the Doragonai revealed, Saria Manifeco and her allies make the long trek back to their secr...

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Enter the Manifeco: Symphony of the Swordsmen Act 1 by J.W. Plunkett Bookshop

Step into the Beastly Kingdom to join Saria Manifeco a renowned thief. Proficient yet highly unorthodox, this non-traditional heroine is following in her ancestor's footsteps of high-scale adventuring (a.k.a. high-scale thievery). Saria, along with...

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