The entire process of publication may vary; it may take longer for the publication to go through if it takes a long period of time for authors to examine the galley proofs, and its review duration, including any corrections that may apply. A galley proof denotes to the initial drafts of the author’s book which will be reviewed by proofreaders, and the rest of the editorial team. Given the following tedious tasks, the expected time for overall publishing process is 3 to 4 months.

Content Submission

Writers Republic will be reviewing the order placed by the author. To ensure that the publication is set to take place, we’ll reach out to the author and settle all the publishing materials are submitted to us. It takes 2-3 days for the company’s review to take place and decide if the materials are complete and author is ready for production.

Initial Production

The Initial Production starts from our professional design team who takes full responsibility of the interior layout and cover design files with a span of 10 days right after the production has taken place.

Production of Design Files

Writers Republic will proceed the publication once the author receives his/her work’s electronic samples of the cover design and interior layout. In this way, author can go over the proposed layout and cover design and see if there should be any necessary revisions that needs to be done. An Approval/ Release form needs the author’s approval for the book distribution or sale; the form also implies no more corrections or modifications (including the designs and layouts) will be rendered on the book once form is signed. It’ll take less than 24 hours once Writers Republic receives the Approval/ Release form to display the author’s book details into Writers Republic Online Bookstore. The book will then be displayed for sale, yet its availability to its online retailers will take 3-4 months. The faster the author finishes the review, the quicker is the book’s availability in the market.


The normal turnaround time for any requested alterations of the book takes 3-5 business days depending on the number of corrections that needs to be done.

Proofing Copies

A printed bound proofing copy will be prepared which includes one hardback and one paperback copy once we have received the Approval/Release Form from our end. The prioritized copy to be printed is the bound proofing copy before the author’s and additional free copies that may be included in the package. The actual and final version of the book can be verified through the proofing copy by the author.

Acknowledgment of Proofing Copies

The proofing copies will be confirmed by a Writers Republic Publishing Specialist if it’s received from the author’s end, and if it meets the author’s preference. Should the author wish to have additional book copies at a lower price, the publishing specialist can start a book order to meet the author’s demands.

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