Take a few moments to go over Writers Republic’s publishing agreement to legally secure our obligations as a company and you as an author. Negligence of adherence to the stipulated agreement to either party will result to business or contract dissolution. Moreover, this said agreement can only be considered valid once author has signed the contract.


The author is granted with the sole right of his/her book’s ownership. Writers Republic does not hold any entitlement of ownership to the author’s work, yet only serves as a contributor of services comprising but not limited to book sales, online availability, and printing. Furthermore, our company respects the rights of making unnecessary alterations or corrections to the author’s book.


The author must warrant and represent to Publisher that he/she holds the right to enter into this Agreement, and grant the rights within. Writers Republic is entitled to determine if the author’s book is liable to any breach or complaint with the book conditions, comprises but not limited to cover image, product information, book file, and the like. Author must secure his/her book subject does not include defamatory, plagiarism, illegal, offensive, threatening, breaching, and legally explicit, with the intent of hate and harm.

Author should affirm to the following:

  • Book does not comprise any advertisements that either manifestly or implicitly urge readers to purchase a product other than the book itself.
  • Book must not contain materials or content with no proper copyright authorizations.
  • Book content must not pose intentional or possible damage to an individual’s repute or a third party.

Should the author neglected to follow any of the aforesaid rules, Writers Republic has the sole discretion to dismiss the author’s account.


The author should acknowledge that Writers Republic retains all asset rights and propriety of the materials, digital files, and data, organized upon the publication’s preparation of the author’s book. This comprises but not limited to materials, file, and data in the custody of company notwithstanding its accomplishment or not. All files produced by Writers Republic include to the company possessions. The author do reserves the rights and ownership of his/her book but our company may utilize the author’s book, excerpts, in print and online security, for advertising and marketing commitments.


Writers Republic deliberates on the obligation of the parents’ or legal guardians’ presence in co-signing the Book Publishing Agreement for authors under 18 years of age. Moreover, the parent or legal guardian must permit any payment and transactions involve for the publishing, and/or marketing services availed by the author.


Writers Republic secures a contract between the author and the company to be non-exclusive in kind; allowing authors to continue printing the book to other agents, publishers, firms, and suchlike. Writers Republic also permits the author to involve in any other contracts at any given time provided as far as author will not cut off his/her signed agreement with us and if he/she grants other publisher or business the exclusive rights.


Author royalties are paid quarterly. Payments will only be made in those quarters in which the amount due to the author sums up to at least $50 while the unpaid amounts will accumulate until the next quarter in which the amount due is at least $50. Although payment will be released if the amount due still doesn’t reach $50 on its third quarter. The payment will be in the form you pick when you sign up for the Service, or as successively updated as allowed by the Service. Writers Republic retains the right to alter or modify the Pricing and Payment Terms at any given time; but still ensures that authors will be informed 30 days before the effective date of the said changes to be implemented.


Writers Republic is obliged to give a refund, should the author chooses to dismiss his/her business with the company for the following reasons: A) Writers Republic committed any form of infringement in the agreement. B) The contract was dismissed after the author sent the manuscript but prior to the start of the interior design, and if C) the contract was dismissed after the interior design has started but prior to the accomplishment of the Digital Preview approval form.

Writers Republic will be granting the author a full refund less than the $100 administrative charge if the company engaged with any form of infringement; whose purpose is to cover the set-up cost sustained by the client. Although, only 50% refund of the purchase amount is granted to the client if the contract was dismissed after the author sent the manuscript but prior to the start of the interior design production. As a final point, author will only get a 25% refund of the purchase amount if the contract was cut off after the beginning of the interior design but prior to the accomplishment of the Digital Preview approval form.

The client’s privilege to get a refund will be forfeited if he/she unsuccessfully submit the materials required for the book’s publication before six months have lapsed from the date the order was placed. Refund charges that pertains to pre-and post-publication of second and later versions of the author’s book. A refund is also not granted when the company dismisses the author’s publications as a result of violation of agreement incurred by the author.

Writers Republic holds the right to withdraw the author’s book publication without a cause; this include the right established to the author to market and publish his/her book. Writers Republic reserves the right to cut off the publication anytime if proofs would verify the author’s book poses opposing commercial penalties and risk of lawsuit to the firm. A 30-day advance written announcement will be given to the author before our company can legitimately dismiss the book publication. We are obliged to refund the charges paid by the client less a $100 if notice is provided prior to the book publication. This is to cover the set-up cost that the author acquired and to guarantee to resolve any pending responsibilities on both parties.


Any business transactions must only be made limited and/or valid through Writers Republic’s email at Author may complete their transactions as well by reaching us through our direct line: 1-551-799-6008 or 1-551-799-6011 ext. xxx. All modes of payments can only come through wire transfer, credit card, money order, and checks. For checks and money order, author will be requested to provide a tracking number by calling us through our direct line.


Should the author fail to finish and submit his/her manuscript within a span of two years, the publishing service availed by the author will be voided.


Writers Republic can only release the author’s book upon completion once he/she has paid the amounts completely with no pending due. Writers Republic reserves the right to detain the author’s book on file if he/she only completed 1/3 of the total amount.


Writers Republic will shell all the charges related to the book production, shipment, and management of complimentary copy requests by mass media.


Additional revisions made during the book production will cost charges Please refer below:

  • Black & White: a base fee of $49 plus $2.00 per correction (interior).
  • For Full-Color: a base fee of $69 plus $2.00 per correction (both interior and cover layout or text).


Writers Republic is associated with Lightning Source, Inc. for digital completion services. As a self-publishing company, Writers Republic purely provides services instead of being the main publisher. Therefore, we are not liable for any failure of Lightning Source, Inc. to publish your work on the target date. Moreover, the author cannot a claim for damages against us for any concerns relating to the value of the published book. Any issues and concerns regarding the cut-off date and quality of the published work should be sent directly to Lightning Source, Inc.


All books published with Writers Republic are digitally stored from our end; certifying that books are always available once author wants to reprint more copy of the books.


It is recommended for authors to reach out to us after one year to reissue the book distribution package. Failure to comply will opt us to withdraw your book affiliation with these online stores.


This written agreement is regarded as the exclusive and complete contract between Writers Republic and the author client. This here will supersede any other former agreements from two parties. This contract can only be revised once a written and signed document from the party will be presented for a requested adjustment.

Writers Republic will not be held accountable for any check payment issues, apart from the checks that are delivered to the address indicated below.

Writers Republic LLC
515 Summit Ave. Unit R1, Union City, NJ 07087, USA

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